viernes, 11 de abril de 2008

Trailers Recut

La Compañera Romeika posteo uno de estos, yo recolecto los mejores

Titanic Recut:

Top Gun Recut:

Matrix Recut:

Taxy Driver Recut:

The Ring Recut:

The Shining Recut:

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Romeika dijo...

So cool you found these others! When Jack googled "Rose Dewitt.." I couldn't avoid laughing.. And "Top Gun" as a gay romantic film, really funny too.. "The Matrix" re-cut was the silliest, hehehe..

"Taxi Driver" as a romantic comedy *lol*.. But my fav of them all is "The Ring" transformed in a tearful drama! That was really fun to watch ^^

Thanks for mentioning me!

A. R. SHOUP dijo...

it's a pleasure to mention the good fellas